Frequently Asked Questions

We have selected for you some questions frequently asked to our support team. If you have more questions feel free to contact use through your user area (ticket support) or at support@vexaescrow.com

What is Vexa Escrow?

Vexa Escrow is a payment company by escrow system. All transactions are fully secured by this way.

What is Vexa currency?

Vexa is a digital currency from our mother company Vexa. Vexa is a payment systeme who use his own digital currency who can be mined by users himself easily every day.

What is the fees per transaction?

It's 2% per escrow.

What is the timeframe for process deposit and withdraw?

Less than 48H.

There is a problem with my transaction, what can i do?

You need first contact the other part of the escrow for solve the problem. If it not work you can contact us and we will check the situation.

What is the min per deposit?

It's 5 Vexa.

What is the min amount per withdraw?

It's 5 Vexa.

I have other questions where can i contact you?

You can open a ticket and will answer you within 24H.